Supporting communities to create and manage green space and meet future demands through multi-functional land use.

Volunteer Offer

We want our Volunteer Offer to be mutually beneficial. Working together will help us adapt and stay relevant by bringing in new opinions, ideas and approaches; informing the development and delivery of our activities.


Volunteering should always be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place.

Helping out with the smallest tasks, like making a brew can make a real difference to the lives of people, wildlife and the organisations doing good.

Skill-based Training

Our volunteer offer includes training while volunteers are engaged in productive tasks.

Our hands-on method of teaching  skills and  knowledge, helps build the  competencies needed to perform a specific task. We provide formal acknowledgement of the volunteers achievements


We aim  to build a sound skills and knowledge base across the land-based subjects, and where resources allow, provide opportunity for access qualifications.

Providing a good foundation to allow the  learners to progress to further learning and begin to specialise in their area.

Corporate Days

We provide corporate events and social activity which is planned with and  funded by the  business.

Our events can help educate, reward, motivate, celebrate, mark key milestones or encourage collaboration between work forces. What ever the reason may be, there is an event solution.

Voluntary efforts make the difference in organisations small and large. We recognise we would not be able to fully provide the services that we do without volunteers. Volunteers help us meet the social purpose of the Community Interest Company and all our volunteering opportunities complement and do not directly replace a paid position.

Our Volunteer Offer is drafted with the volunteer and is clearly defined and flexible to suit the individual. With a strong skill-development focus, the financial Investment in the volunteer helps us to provide an effective and efficient service and helps provide routes to employment and reduce worklessness.

Our Volunteer Offer helps raise awareness about the social purpose we further, the profile of the YORgreencic and a greater chance volunteers will contribute to supporting other communities. We provide opportunity for young people aged 16+ with Upper age limits set by insurance policies.

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