Supporting communities to create and manage green space and meet future demands through multi-functional land use.


Woodlands provide a wide range of products and materials useful to the communities they serve

Wood fuel

Our firewood is taken from local woodlands.

We sell split and seasoned hardwoods ready to burn, including Oak, Beech, Sycamore and Birch in lengths suitable for all fires.

We ensure the moisture content is less than 20% in line with current government legislation. Logs are sold and delivered to your home for £90:00 per meter cubed and delivered .


As part of our ongoing management of woodlands planted over the year’s we have access to areas of Hazel and Willow coppice.

We can supply Hazel stakes and binders for hedge laying as well as bean poles for allotments.

Willow pegs or setts can be supplied for living willow structures such as domes and tunnels. The pegs range from 20cm cuttings or poles up to 3 meters in length.

Habitat & Nesting Box

A whole range of wildlife requires hollows or cracks in trees to nest, roost or hibernate in.

Where these natural sites do not exist, such as young woodland or gardens we can improve biodiversity by providing these spaces.

We produce a range of boxes for birds, bats, insects and hedgehogs to provide homes for our wildlife from tree thinning’s and reclaimed suitable timber.


We help reclaim materials and use them again to create bespoke products such as seating, planters and resources which encourage both sensory and inclusive play.

For our bespoke items we team up with the ‘Responsible Timber Company CIC’.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any ideas you have.

As areas of newly planted woodland mature, the trees begin to grow larger and competition for light and water increases. At this stage (around 15 -20 years old) we often thin a percentage of the trees to allow others to reach their maximum potential. These thinning’s have a variety of uses depending on species and size. Products manufactured from this sustainably sourced material include:

  • Charcoal
  • Besom brooms
  • Wattle hurdles
  • Rustic garden furniture
  • Hedge laying stakes / binders
  • Garden bean poles
  • Thatching spars

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